The HTMST LP was specifically designed for sealing film sacks. The device is individually adjustable to the desired sack size a hand crank. The sealing and cooling times are continuously adjustable. The sealing process is triggered by a foot conctat switch. The advantage to you: The new sack sealing device with air suction has a special strip that holds the sack and renders it airtight during the aspiration process. Both hands therefore remain free for aligning the film sack. HTMST LP sealing device is used successfully wherever reducing the volume of a packaging as far as possible is involved or indesiderable shaking movements in the packed goods is to be avoided. Our devices are used in almost all areas of industry: ranging from packing cushions, blankets, ground coffee or ever wine corks to injection moulded components and high quality electronic components.The HTMST LP is also available in stainless steel.


HTMST LP - Scheda Tecnica


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